Male Stripper Police Raid

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Well, I don’t know if these ladies expected to receive a visit from the fuzz during their little bachelorette party, but they sure ended up enjoying it quite a bit. This girl was being treated to one last good time by her girlfriends and, being the good gal pals they were, they hired a Dancing Bear stripper to come over and rock their friend’s world. He shows up in a police officer’s costume and decides to “search” the lucky lady for contraband, which quickly turns into her taking his fat cock into her mouth.

The other women at the party couldn’t help taking a piece of the hung policemen, so they all eventually got their turn sucking his massive cock. This porn video shows you a good bit of the freaky group sex action that occurred at the party, but the real depravity awaits you in the Dancing Bear member’s area. Trust me, if you join just one porn site this year, it definitely should be Dancing Bear. A woman’s dream of quality amateur erotica.

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